The longest eyelashes in the world

Posted on Mar 03, 2019

Length and thickness of our lashes are as a rule inherited from our parents. 

While being a pure eye candy, our lashes also play a very important role in protecting the eyes from minuscule foreign bodies.

People find great pleasure in exploring extremes in various aspects of human life. 

Even quite trivial matters arouse great public interest when they are touted as „the most“ or „the very“ instances of something. 

In this article we will talk about people who have the longest lashes in the world.

Jumping slightly ahead and anticipating critical voices, we would like to point out that the truthfulness of the facts mentioned here is confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records

Basing on such a reliable source of information we may draw some fair conclusions about the world's longest eyelashes.

Curiously enough the list of the owners of the longest lashes features just one woman.

The other four are men! So who are they, these people with amazingly long, thick and downy lashes?

- 1st PLACE

Our rating is topped by Stuart Mueller from Florida.

His eyelashes are as much as 6,99 cm long.

But only some of his lashes reach such unbelievable length, while most of them are of standard size.

Despite having to invest much time in grooming, Mueller doesn't rush to cut this gift of nature and is proud of his record that remains
unbeaten for 10 years.

- 2nd PLACE      

The second place goes to Phuto Rav Mauli from India.

His astonishing appearance, however, did not bring him happiness. 

As a little boy, Phuto Rav Mauli felt uneasy about his 5 cm long lashes.

When he would close his eyes the lashes would touch his upper lip. He felt insecure about his appearance and regularly cut
his eyelashes with scissors. 

Phuto Rav Mauli is now 67 years old and is indifferent towards what other people think of him.

- 3rd PLACE      

The third place of our lash-chart is taken by a Russian boy Muino Bachonaev.

His parents claim that their son already had such unusually long lashes way back in his infancy.

At the age of four his lashes were already 3,5 cm long and continued to grow at the speed of 2 mm per year. 

The wonderful kid from Moscow gained great popularity.

He is quite likely to beat the world record if his lashes continue to grow that fast.

- 4th PLACE

A Ukrainian national Valery Smagliy ranks fourth in the list of the longest lash owners.

This outstanding man took a special diet to grow such breathtaking lashes that eventually reached the length of 3,4 cm. 

After the Guinness record book officials took the record of his achievement, Valery preferred not to keep his famous lashes hat long. 

For good reason: on the one hand they caused discomfort, on the other hand he was tired of women haunting for the secret of his diet. 

Valery promised to sell his beauty secret one day.

- 5th PLACE

And only the the fifth-longest eyelash belongs to a woman, who is Oxana Shikalyuk from Ukraine.

Her lashes are 1,85 cm long. 

The exact length of the woman's lashes was measured during the national morning TV show as the national record book officials pulled the lash with a tweezer,                                                   moistened it and put it between two glasses. 

The longest lashes among animals

It's not only people who can boast wonderfully long and thick lashes.

It may seem funny but animals do have their own records too.

Buddy, an English Cocker Spaniel from Chicago, IL, has lashes that are 10 cm long.
This is an absolute record among dogs.

Camels might surprise you as well. Their lashes reach the length of 5 cm.

Being quite rough and downy, they perform vital functions. In particular, lashes protect camels' eyes from strong winds. 

That's why camels are extremely sharp-eyed, being able to spot a man in a kilometer distance.


Many women dream of having long, downy and thick lashes...

But in fact lashes that are really long, are not that beautiful and convenient. 

While setting a record can be enduring, extending lashes within reasonable limits is available to every women nowadays. 

Modern beauty industry offers more and more progressive solutions to make your lashes bright and expressive.

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