A Lashman who didn't hesitate - Nikolay Vinnichevsky

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Nikolay, 33 from Vinnytsia, Ukraine is a loving husband and a happy dad of three kids.

Diligent and persistent by nature, he was always fond of mending radios and other precision appliances.

He probably never imagined that his hobby would lead him to a real vocation - lashmaking, which is just as meticulous as mending and soldering.

"I create the beauty which is adored by men", - says Nikolay, who, after two years of work, is having no shortage of clients. 

Well, lashmaking sometimes needs a view from the men's side, doesn't it? Let's catch some inspiration from Nikolay's story. 

P.S. Actually, we will reveal you a little secret....this interview has been taken almost 1 year ago, and we know than Nikolay has grown in his career, and now he has his own little studio!

-Please, tell us when did you start doing lash extensions?

I have started to provide professional services two years ago.

-How did you come up with this idea?

I started making lashes as a hobby. I saw how it is done and I liked it. I first tried it just for fun working at a slow pace. 

The first results were pretty successful and were rewarded with positive feedback. This also increased my self-esteem. 

It is great to see women’s beauty from two viewpoints – as a lash maker and just as a man. And I am sure that I create the beauty which is adored by men. 

I try not to rush into extremes though. I have a wife. One day she approached me asking if I wanted to learn making lashes from her friend. 

I was sceptical towards this venture, because I treated it as a female job. But I went to her studio and saw her at work. It was a very interesting and meticulous job.

-Do you have any other occupation beside lash making?

I was fond of radio engineering which is all about soldering, small parts and stuff. If I start doing something, I totally focus on that particular job and improve myself in that subject matter. 

I always fight till the end to get the perfect result.

-Who taught you to become a lash extension master? I mean, who was your teacher?

I watch master classes or read articles. I am always trying to find something useful from each master. 

I prefer to focus on my own job, because I know I am not perfect and I make mistakes too. 

Each time I do after-action review, because there may be imperfections and mistakes which I would not share with the client – whether that is stake. I know practice makes perfect.

-Then maybe you have someone from lash industry who is an example for you?

No, I do not have an idol – rather, every master's techniques gives me some useful information which helps.

,,Perhaps 7 of 10 people are questioning my sexual orientation... 

-Could you tell us who are your clients?

My clients range from teenage students to women up to 50 years age.

-How were you looking for your first customers?

At the beginning, people were simply talking about me. They said to others that there is a guy who is very meticulous, and this is how I won my first customers. 

Frankly speaking, my first procedures lasted way too long (laughs).

-As I understood, that was a simple but very effective way, wasn't it?

Yes, I have heard that speaking is the best way to advertise yourself and make your customers happy.

-Most likely, this is true. But we have not seen any photos of your works on your social media profile, so how you are promoting yourself?

My clients create buzz by posting reviews and testimonials on my (VK) wall. Also, as I mentioned before - spreading talks about me.

-Are your competitors jealous of you?

I do not have any competitors, because I do not treat lash makers as competitors. I view them as colleagues.

-That sounds remarkably. Nikolay, does it happen that clients who arrive to their appointments, are surprised to see you as a lash extension master?

It was about a year ago when the administrator made appointments with a master by just saying “there is a master” or “the master will take care of you”. 

Clients assumed that the master is female, but when they showed up, they realized that there are two of us – me and my colleague. 

And one day my colleague had an appointment at 11, and I had one at 10. I was ready to meet my client. And then she enters the studio and says: “Where is my master?” 

And I answered: “I am the one”. 

“How...you are a master?” – she exclaimed. She was kind of shocked, but I soothed her, and everything came out okay. She left happy.

-Girls, probably, are trying to attract you, maybe by dressing up something captivating? How do you react to all these provocations and is it a challenge for you to do your job in situations like this?

Most of the man's estimate women from the front, from the rear, and to me the first thing that attracts my attention are eyelashes –how they are made, what type they are, how they change the look, whether they are applied right. 

Earlier I used to contemplate such details as other mans , but I do not do that anymore.

-And what are your friends and other mans are thinking about your occupation?

Perhaps 7 of 10 people are questioning my sexual orientation, but once they find out that I have a wife and three kids, the answer becomes obvious.

-So you are married and have more than one child?

Yes, I have 3 kids : my elder son, Roman, is 8. Maria is 6. And the youngest is Nathan, he is 2.5 years old.

-You have a beautiful and loving family. And lastly, could you share your future plans with us?

Of course, now I am working on my dream to open my own studio.

-We wish that your dream will finally come true, and also - more and more customers, who would spread your created beauty to everyone!

Thank you, I will do my best. Good bye everyone!

,,When I came and realized that this will be a male master, I was worried: “What’s that going to be?”

But no, dear lash makers, it is not the end of this story... One of Nikolay's customer's is willing to share with you her experience about this talented and diligent lash master. Let's listen to a story from a client's lips!

-How did you become Nikolay's customer?

I used to visit different masters before. And one day came out that my master did not had time, when I needed to have my lashes extended urgently. 

I have visited 5 or 6 studios in Vinnitsa, until I accidentally found Julia.

-Julia introduced you to Nikolay?

Not quit right. They had a lash extension promo that time, so I decided to give it a try. I basically had no other choice. 

The receptionist made an appointment and later contacted me to say that there will be a different master.

-Have you been warned that your master will be Nikolay?

No, I was not. When I came and realized that this will be a male master, I was worried: “What’s that going to be?”

-What could you tell us about your appointment ? Were you satisfied after all?

Fully ! That was a good experience, because I had some problems with my lashes – they were broken. And he said that we should decrease the volume to get a more natural look. 

Then he picked thin extensions with the right curl that would not weigh my own lashes down. The result was very beautiful.

-As I understood, that was first but not the last visit ?

Yes. I decided that I do not like my previous master as much. And started visiting Nikolay. I do not know if he has any competitors, but he does his job right. 

Otherwise, I would not return. Of course, he is my master and most of the time we are just a master and a client, but sometimes we can have some small talk.

-Have you told anyone about Nikolay or maybe people noticed themselves your lash extension ?

I visit a nail designer and there are lash makers in that studio too. When they saw my lashes, they were like: “Oh, goodness! Who is your master? We want to be trained there!” 

And then I said that this is a male master. So I guess he definitely has got fans. I do not have that many friends who use lash extensions. 

They rather prefer natural beauty. But when I tell them that I have lash extensions, they are changing their mind by saying that it is perhaps worth a try.

-Well if Nikolay's work is changing natural beauty supporter's minds - he truly made a right decision to be a lash extension master. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Thank you too, it is always a pleasure to talk about talented and diligent people!

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