Martina Kallos and her way from a professional Handball player to a Lash Book author

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

Ladies and Gentleman, do you recognize this pretty lady? Could you believe that she was a real pro at handball, studied  economics at the university and...... eventually ended up in lash  business?

Martina Kallos is one of those people who want to know everything about everything. 

Not only is she one of the most successful beauty entrepreneurs in her homeland Croatia, but also a prominent educator, public speaker and  judge. 

The Martina Kallos Academy helps dozens of young people become  accomplished beauty artists, launch their own business and get lots of  clients.

Lashlandia’s Elanas had a chance to talk to this marvelous lady. Now it’s your turn to spend some time with one of the most talented persons  in the industry.

-Martina, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Martina and I come from Croatia. It is a small country, so I hope people know where is it. I am a lash artist, trainer, judge and speaker. Also I am a mother of two small children and happily married wife.

"I was playing handball for little over than 10 years. I was actually a goalkeeper"

  -How and when did you discover the lash world and how did you start to lash business?

Alright, so that was really long time ago. I think it was 2012. I was already owning a beauty studio from 2008, so we were covering the beauty treatments and face treatments, body treatments and everything. 

That was a really hard time for beauty industry. 

There was a big financial depression, the business wasn't going as good as I expected and I was looking for something new. 

As I was already wearing lashes from before, there was actually only one or two people in Croatia that were doing lashes at that time. 

One of my colleagues, she told me, "Well, Martina, you need to try this!" ... 

Actually, it all happened in a week, probably. I called the girl that was doing my lashes; she was already a trainer. I asked her, "When do you have free time for a course?" 

She was like, "Oh! I have in two days." That was it. 

Two days later, I took the tweezers and actually it was like I was just born with them. I started doing it and everything went so rapidly from that moment.

  -What did you do before your lash career? Did you have another profession?

I'm one of those people that like to know everything about everything, so I was playing handball for little over than 10 years. I was actually a goalkeeper.

  -What did you do before your lash career? Did you have another profession?

I'm one of those people that like to know everything about everything, so I was playing handball for little over than 10 years. I was actually a goalkeeper.

  -From handball to lash industry. How did it happen?

It was a smooth transition. I started in primary schools, but I never actually expected to play it professionally. I never wanted to make it like a career.

It was a great way to grow up and to develop as a person, but I wanted to go to ... I finished gymnasium, and I wanted to study business ...

I wanted to study a lot of things because, when I was little, my dad was working in a hospital, so first I wanted to study medicine, then I wanted to study architecture, then I wanted to do also business, but altogether, I wanted to be in the beauty industry also, so I was just going slowly.

After high school, I signed up for College of Economy. I wanted to finish that, and then on my last year, I decided, okay, it's time to go to the beauty school now.

I was, I think, around 22 or 23 when I actually signed up for the beauty high school, but I was lucky, because I had some lessons from before from my old high school, so it lasted around two years. 

By the age, I was around 24, 25. I finished everything, I got all my degrees, and that was like, "Okay. Let's do some beauty business now."

,,all my students, they had really good results and they all became really successful business owners, owners of beauty studios 

-Do you remember that moment when your small lash business exploded to a big one?

Well, I don't think that I remember exactly the moment. I remember the beginnings, and that was hard. I don't ever want to go back there again. 

You just wake up in the morning and check your schedule and you see you have one client or zero client and then you have to think,

"What will I do today to get more people? Should I send messages? Should I do some promotions? Should I give discounts? What to do? Do I need to do something new?" 

I think, from the moment I started lashing, it was a new treatment in my country, so I would say probably around one year after my first course of lashing, I was checking the schedule and it was full.

 It was full one month ahead and we had a waiting list and there were people just wanting lashes and more and more and then I realized, "Okay. I guess this is it. This is".

-That was the moment you understood that you became big, when you realized that your schedule is full?

Yeah. I would say probably that's it, yes.

-Tell us how Martina Kallos Academy was born.

Actually, when I started doing lashes, I never thought that I would be an educator. I always thought that I don't have the patience. I am not that type of people. 

I am not a person people, I would say it. . I love people but not everybody. I love people where I feel comfortable. There are not many people that get my humor or something. 

They might feel offended if I say something. I don't do that on purpose, it's just a joke. I started teaching because people actually wanted to learn to do lashes. It was like, "Okay. I can try." 

So, started slowly, one-by-one, went to courses, another course, another course, so it all just came so naturally. 

Because all my students, they had really good results and they all became really successful business owners, owners of beauty studios. They had a lot of customers, a lot of clients. 

Actually, I think that people started seeing that I am not teaching them just lashes, just how to do lashes, I am trying to teach all my students how to survive in the lash business, actually, and how to make it good living from lashes. 

Because I think it is easy to make lashes; that's the easy part. I would say the heavy part is to stay in the lash business and to stay happy in the business, not to go crazy, and actually a good money from it.

-What does your team look like now?

Now, I have girls in my country. We are covering every part of the country: north, south, east, and west. 

I have also educator from our neighbour countries because Balkan countries are small countries, so actually we don't need educator in every country; we are just too close.

 I have one girl also that's running the studio. Now, I am actually forming more and more people because we are launching our own brand, so we will have different people for different section. 

The team is growing slowly. Actually, if you want to be our distributor or our educator, we would love to get some more people from outside of Balkan countries.

-We know that you published your book. Why you decided to write a book? Tell us the whole story and how long did it took you to publish.

The book is actually not a bible. I actually wanted to call it The Lash Bible. And my husband told me, "Are you normal? You cannot play with Jesus or something!" I said, "Okay.

It will not be a Lash Bible." It's called Eyelash Extensions from A to Z. It's a nicer name, not scandalous. Every day we see those questions on Facebook; girls are asking and they are looking for information.

I wanted just to put everything together and to help those people that actually went to courses and didn't get enough information. 

Because, as an educator, I think that, when people are paying you something, your job is to give them all the information.

I remember, when I started, it would be so helpful if somebody had more information about anything. I had so many questions but you couldn't get the answers anywhere. 

So, I wanted just to write a book ... It is not like a basic manual, but I was trying to explain in a easy and simple way to everybody how to avoid the biggest mistakes and all the basic things about lashes that you must know.

 If you are in this business, you must know these things. Actually, I got some great feedbacks, not only from lashing girls, from the girls that are not doing lashes.

 They are just interested in the business or they are maybe organizing some courses. They're actually sending me message like, "This is such an easy ready. 

Even for me that are not doing lashes, but it is nice to know." I think it was a good move and I am really satisfied. 

I got so many questions from different parts of world to translate it in different languages, so I think my next tip will be just to translate it in two or three different languages and just to sell it throughout the world.

,,Don't step over the competition, don't make the prices really low, because you are just destroying the industry with that 

  -That's very good news. You told us that you are married and you have two kids. Are they supporting you? Are you finding enough time to spend with them? Is it easy for you to be a mother, wife, and businesswoman?

No, it's not easy. It is actually really hard. I am a really happy woman and I am lucky to have a great husband that supports me in everything I do.

 I think it is really, really important for all the girls that want to do business to have somebody that supports you when you come home. 

Because if you don't have that... Actually, that's the mirror. 

When you go to work, you bring everything to work and you want to bring some happy things. 

Work is the mirror of you, so, if you don't have a good situation at home, I think the people in your work, they can actually feel it. 

I am so lucky because my husband also travels a lot and he completely understands what I do and he is really supportive and wants to help me whatever I want. 

My kids are just like little gypsies. They are everywhere! 

We are trying to take them everywhere we go and they got used to being with their granddad or grandma or with my friends. 

But when I am with them, I am trying to spend some quality time, because I know there are a lot of people that stay with their kids the whole day, 

but it is not a quality time, so when I am there, I am trying to, "No, we are speaking like an adult", when you have a five year old and you can speak to him like a normal adult. 

When I see how they behave, they are really social, smart and intelligent kids. When I see that, I am just happy. It's a good thing when I think, "Okay. I did quite a good job for now." 

I don't feel bad because I am not that much with them because I see it's not reflecting on them in a bad way. I am a happy mom!

 -What advice would you give to girls here are thinking of building their lash business in Croatia? Girls, they are maybe working at home or in salon and they want to grow.

Croatia is a specific country and there are a lot of people and a lot of girls that are actually working from home; they don't have their registered businesses. I am not against anything.

 If somebody can work from home, if they don't need to pay the taxes and everything, I am fine with that. 

I think we would all love to do that. We would all love to avoid the taxes and everything, but some of us, you don't have that chance, some of us do. 

I think it is really important just when you decide to do the business, do it right. 

Don't step over the competition, don't make the prices really low, because you are just destroying the industry with that. In a long way, you will not get something positive from that.

 It would be such a great thing if everybody would go to educations, if everybody would go to courses and really learn how to do the business properly. 

Not only lashes, also to do the business and to earn more money and then everybody would be so much satisfied and happier. That would be my advice for everyone. T

ry to be fair and just think of yourselves. Don't look at everybody else. Don't look at what She has. Just concentrate on your development, on your work, and actually just continue with what you do in the best way.

  -What are your plans for the next year? Can you share it with us?

There are so many plans. 2018-2019 is so full of plans because we are actually starting a new brand.

 I have been working with so many different companies for the last few years and we all agreed that it is time for me to start my own because now I finally took some time off to organize everything. 

Kallos Pro Lash Collection will be the new brand. I invested a lot of time to find the best quality product because now there are so many different companies on the market. 

There are so many lash distributors and everybody are doing their own brands or something, so I think, if you want to come out with something better, you need to invest in quality. 

Really, I hope the girls will like it, because I really like it, I tried so many different materials and so many different brands in the last few years, so I think I can recognize something good from not good. 

We are planning to go outside of Balkan market. We are planning to go to South America and to Europe, so girls, call me, distributors...

  -Okay, Martina. What would you wish for Lashlandia to give you?

Lashlandia is such a great project. It is a great thing that somebody's actually doing something for the lash community because there is so many of us and we have one media that is actually connecting all together and giving us all the new information. 

I wish you a lot of luck, I wish you a lot of success, and even more successful projects, and I wish that the whole world knows about Lashlandia.

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