Ever heard of fibroblast? Inesa Vrublevskiene reveals the secrets of beauty industry sensation

Posted on Jan 18, 2018

Please give a warm welcome to Inesa Vrublevskienė from Lithuania! She is a master of PUREBEAU FIBROBLAST procedures, a trainer and a woman with great experience!

She's been an accomplished lash extension pro but she would not settle for that : ear piercing, acid cleansing, lash lamination, fibroblast procedures.

Fibroblast procedure is a relatively new non-invasive procedure that shows great results in skin tightening and removing wrinkles in the facial and belly button areas.

-Inesa, not everyone knows what a fibroblast procedure is. Could you please tell our audience in length about this procedure?

It is a procedure, which is performed on facial and body areas. It is a non-invasive procedure – that means that no scalpels or narcosis are used. PUREBEAU FIBROBLAST was founded and created by Dirk Hundertmark.

-Could you explain us what this procedure is for ?

It minimizes vicinity of the skin, tightens the skin, reduces and removes wrinkles, tightens the wrinkles, lifts the skin. In the case of eye areas, it shrinks excess bags around the eyes.

-Can you tell us how this procedure is performed and how effective and complex is it?

It depends on the client’s skin, their body, and how it will react to the procedure. There were instances, when these procedures had no effect. 

However, in most cases, the results are very good. I can proudly state that it is very effective in the belly button area. It may be harder to perform on the eye, because it is a singular muscle that moves on its own. 

While the belly button area’s muscle is more calm, therefore it perfectly reacts to the treatment. I performed a lot of procedures in the belly button area, and the results were always amazing after just one procedure.

-How popular is this procedure around the world and Europe?

I am not sure how popular it is in Europe, but it is certainly new in Lithuania. I started practicing it this year. It was officially introduced in Lithuania in April. 

A lot of people do not know about it. I also want to mention something very important: when choosing to get this procedure, go to a good specialist.

,,You just sit there waiting for clients, when no one is coming, and you do not know what to do... 

-Have you started your career in field of beauty care by working with fibroblast or did you start somewhere else?

I started with eyelash extensions. I chose eyelash extending, where I specialized in synthetic eyelashes and volume. 

Moreover, now I am mostly focused on fibroblast procedures. I offer other procedures, of course, but I started from eyelashes.

-Do you know any eyelash extension masters or trainers?

I was taught by Laura Kaminskiene, to whom I would like to thank. She was really supportive to me, even when I was about to quit everything, she would not let me do that. 

I am very grateful to her.

-As you said before, eyelashes attracted you to beauty care. So, right after that came fibroblast?

No. After lashes, I was involved with eyelash lifting, ear-piercing, and facial cleansing with acids. For example, I have clients who comes for a fibroblast procedure, and I see that they do not really need it. 

I am not a slave to money who simply does everything to earn some. I can accommodate the client skin’s need and by combining both procedures (fibroblast and acid cleansing) to achieve great results.

-Why did you get interested in this particular procedure? How is this procedure different?

I can't say why, really. I saw an advertisement of it on Facebook, and I was simply charmed. Also, it was new, because I looked at it and could not believe that such a thing was possible. 

You can truly achieve this effect. I really did not know why, it just simply attracted me like a magnet. And I thought to myself: “Whatever happens, I will learn to do this procedure”.

-Where did you learn to perform this craft?

I began studying under Asta Ratkeviciene. I am extremely thankful to her. She taught me everything and really supported me. 

Also, she pushed me a lot in order to prevent me from stop working, even when my hands were sore. I can only say good things about her.

-I am glad to hear this. What helped you to overcome the difficulties of starting this business?

Perhaps the hardest part was right after finishing those three training courses. You just sit there waiting for clients, when no one is coming, and you do not know what to do, I said to myself: “Inesa,no. This cannot be the truth!”. 

I am driven by fibroblast, it truly gives me pleasure. I wait for those results more than the clients themselves. I worry about them, there were many sleepless nights and etc. 

You sit and wonder what to do, and then an idea pops up and you say: „Yeah, let‘s do that“, and step by step I managed to succeed.

-Is it safe to say, that it was an area where you felt most confident in and thanks to your stubbornness, today you are a very popular master. Yes?


,,Do not think that you can not make something, that you are not good enough

-What skills are required in your line of work?

Most importantly, how you view your work. And how you view the client: do you see them simply as wallet or does the work matters more to you? 

You have to prepare the client for the procedure; they are also tended after the procedure. I am thankful to all those who choose and trust me

-Inesa, you mentioned that your family did not support you at first. What about now?

Now they are very happy with my decision and proud of me. The beginning was hard, because all the money was invested in my procedures and tools. It scared my family. 

But I told them that I won‘t be myself unless I achieve my goal. I did it, and now they are all proud.

-What do you think is important in order to maintain the success of your work? A lot of young specialists are afraid of competition. What would be your recipe for success?

Most importantly, believe in yourself. Do not think that you can not make something, that you are not good enough. Never. 

If you chose a certain profession, you must be responsible for it and believe in yourself, because it is what you do for a living. 

I consult girls who are thinking of studying, and even foreign masters. We chat via Messenger and they sent me photos of clients and ask me about what procedures to perform on them. 

Lithuanian girls who are interested in this area, also hesitate because of competition. Yes, competition exists, but it is not that relevant in Lithuania yet. 

Now is the perfect time to take courses and continue working after completing them. Do not stop, and simply: practice, practice, practice.

-As we have just learned, now is the peak time for those interested in this line of work to hurry and come to Kaunas, to which address, Inesa?

Savanorių pr. 276.

-Inesa, what are your future plans?

I am very grateful to Mantas Vaitkevicius who noticed me as a master. He offered me to teach fibroblast courses, I thank him for that. 

I hold individual training courses, I want to fully give myself to the student and the model on whom the procedures will be performed. 

This especially is important during training, because I am responsible for everything: the student and model too. 

It is my job to make sure the student acquires both theoretical and practical knowledge. I also need to make sure that the model is satisfied.

-What would you like to wish your students and our channel audience?

I want to wish the audience future clients and to not be afraid of this procedure. Go to specialists, ask questions and show interest. 

For those who want to study, do not be afraid of new things. It is a great procedure and I am driven by it.

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