Francesca Nappi's way from a hairdresser to a successful Philashes brand trainer

Posted on Oct 28, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, look who is talking with Lashlandia! It’s the one and the only Francesca Nappi!

A native of the Southern Italian region of Calabria, she started as a hairdresser. 

Than headed to London to work for British Airways, returned to Italy to proceed her career in nails and then… yes, then she discovered the world of lashes that totally stole her heart!

In four years she became a leading lash extension expert and trainer. How did she manage to? It was LOVE, says Francesca. Immense love for what she’s been doing. “When you find what you really love, it’s like WOW!”, - she says with a smile on her face.

-Today with us is Lash Star, organizer of Lash Master Legends Conference, Francesca Nappi. Hello, Francesca, it's nice to meet you.

Hello, it's nice to meet you, too.

-Let's start from the basics. We imagine you come from Italy. From where exactly, and where do you live now?

I'm not just Italian. I'm half Italian, half Romanian. My mother is Romanian, my father is Italian, and I'm from the south of Italy, Calabria. 

It's hot to the sea, but now I'm living in Rome, there 20 years that I live in Rome. Before, I was living in London for one year, and now I'm here in Rome.

 „...I said, "Oh my God, what is this!" I fell in love immediately

-So London or Rome, which suits you best?

Both are very nice, but Rome, I get used to it. Before I used to travel a lot, and when I moved to Rome, I said, "Okay, I think this city, it's okay for me." 

It fits me a lot. So I like it. I like to stay here.

-What was your initial profession? What did you do for a living before lashes?

I start very young, 18 years, 17 years as a hair dresser, and I did this job for three years, then I moved from Italy. 

I moved to London, and there I was starting something completely different with British Airways, like hostess.

I stayed there for one year, and I decided to come back to Italy, but when I come back to Italy, I changed again everything. 

Moving to Rome, I was doing all kind of works, from the supermarket to the restaurant, everything.

Because I was in the beginning, new city, and I had to find my way. So one day I decided, because in Rome was not a very good time for working. 

It was very difficult to find a job, so I said, "Okay, I want to do something that I really love and I can be my own boss."

- You realised that you want to be your own boss, am I right?

Yes, actually I was very interested in that, I think, 10 years ago. It all started with nails, like nail technician. So I did my first trainings to become a nail technician, and I worked like this for five years. 

I just went to this beauty exposition to see what was new for nails, and I found a company, they were doing these lash extensions, I said, "Oh my God, what is this!" 

I fell in love immediately.

I took the first training but it was not very good training. In Italy we didn't have so many trainings for lashes three, four years ago. 

My training was like one hour and a half, something like that.

- Oh, that's nice.

For class, it very fast. I come back home and I said to all of my clients, "You have to try this new technique, it's fantastic." And I used all of my clients to show this process work. And they love it.

 After one year, I stopped doing nails, and I was doing just lashes. 

But before moving just to lashes, I participate to the first competition in Italy for lashes with this training of one hour. But I was very convinced that I would win something.

But what happened in this competition, I realized that in the back side of the lashes, there is so much trainings that you can do, so much things to know, to learn. 

So I realized that I have to learn more. 

And I start to take part of trainings, Russian trainings, most of them, and in one year, I took part in 20 different trainings from international masters. I really get in love with this.

I stopped with nails completely, and I opened my company, Angel Lash and Brow, and I start to train myself, other people. 

I participate in another competition, and I won in the highest category for the masters. Because I was ... This, after five months there, I was started with volume, and but I really get in love with this. 

So every day I was doing lashes, lashes.

 „When you do it with passion, everything gets really easy growing...“

-Can I ask, why did you decide to make a change. What was the main reason?

Was the love. I get really in love. I thought this is the right job for me. This is what I want to do in my life. When you find what you love, it's like wow.

-And you are being passionate about that?

Yes, and I was starting to work, and I didn't realize that I was working. Nothing was heavy for me. So everything was, “Oh, I'll go to work, yoo hoo.”

Very happy about this. When you do it with passion, everything gets really easy growing because, for example, in volume, you need to do a lot of practice before you become good lash stylist. 

So it was not heavy for me.

-Did you start as like, home based business?

In the beginning, yes.

-How long did it take you to open your own company?

The company I opened immediately when I start to train. So after one year that I was working with lashes, but of course I was very small.

I start from home, in four or five months, I rent a place, a small place.

-But that's fast, that's truly fast.

So I rent just a small place. I stay there for one year with another technician. She was nail technician. 

We shared the same place, and last year, I said, “Okay, this is too small for me, I need something bigger, and I opened the academy. 

We introduced products as well last year. Now we have six trainers for the company

I'm as well working with an international company for trainings. I'm doing trainings for PhiLashes, PhiBrow Academy for Branko Babic. I'm traveling a lot to take trainings.

In the meantime I was in a lot of competition as a judge and as a speaker all around the world in the last year so I think it was a very full year for me. The last one.

-I think you being busy, like all the time running and doing.

Yeah, I'll say, “Oh, I have a free day, what can I do? Let's do a workshop or something.”

-Because you can't just sit, you know? But still you're thinking about something and you're doing and planning and, that's nice.

Maybe I say, “Okay, now today I'm really tired, I need some rest.” After one day of rest I said, “No, I need to do something.” Something new.

-So tell us about your event, LashMaster Legends. We're here now in Rome. How did you come up with the idea of organizing this event and why is it special?

This event is not ... I didn't invent it. It starts in South Africa, in Cape Town. The first edition was three years ago. 

It was organized by Luscious Lashes International, the biggest company in Africa with lashes. They are trainers as well. 

So they invited me as a speaker in South Africa and when we were there, they ask me, “Why you don't do it in Rome?” Because immediately love between us. 

So I said, “Okay, let's do it,” and last year I did the first edition, it was one day, all international speakers. The best in that year, I chose the best one. 

We won last year the third place in international awards for lash competitions, organized by Miranda.

 „...nothing comes easy, you need to fight and you work on it and to do practice and experiment new thing  

-Miranda Tarpey?

Yes. And this year I decided to do two days because I wanted to introduce workshops as well. And here we are!

-That's just great, seriously. Can you say the three major components of the success formula?

Up to my experience, the first one is love. The love that you put in your work. Passion, because you need passion when you're doing something, to make it perfect.

And one very important part of this job if you wanted to have success is of course a lot of dedication to your work because nothing comes easy, you need to fight and you work on it and to do practice and experiment new thing. 

We are artists so we can do everything.

-So we know you recently became a member of PhiLashes brand. Tell us a little bit about it.

PhiLashes start last year. Was introducing in the PhiAcademy for Branko Babic just last year. And today we are three trainers in all the world. 

I'm the PhiLashes Master for Italy. I really love this corporation, I love this academy, it's really gorgeous, the way we teach, the way students are followed after. 

Because we have this special application. The name is Craft Master. 

So student can study live and again they will go home and they can study home with a Master through this application. 

It's really nice because they can do practice, I can correct the works, it's like you have more months to study.

It's like, not just one day training or two days trainings but month, maybe, from three to six months to each student. 

So that's why all the results are very, they are gorgeous, 'cause it's a lot of practice, a lot of homework with a Master, together with a Master.

So we create this application for the lashes, all three together. It start the first Master, Luisa Bässler, she was the first Master.

And when we came in, we make it bigger and more perfect, and all the time we are talking, “What can we introduce new, what's new in the market,” so that the level can be very high. 

So I really like this corporation.

-Can I ask you a personal question?


-How is your private life going?

Now, better. In the beginning was not very easy because I'm never at home but now my boyfriend is starting to work with Angel Lash & Brow, because I'm very busy with PhiLashes as well, so we are sharing, we are doing half work. 

He's doing the part of the trainers and the product and I'm working now with PhiLashes.

 „When you have the right person next to you, everything will go in the right way...  

-Can I call it a family business?

Yes, now it starts to become like a family business. I really need his help, because most of the time I'm out of the country for trainings, so I cannot do anything alone, no. We are growing. It's better now. 

-And it's very good when you can trust someone, when the person helping you, and it's growing and growing very fast.

Yes. When you have the right person next to you, everything will go in the right way, yes.

-When you're coming back from work, are you the same person as you're being at work, or are you just coming back home and letting everything out and just staying and being nice and comfortable?

This is not easy. Especially when you have to think to so many things, when you get home, I was in the beginning all the time bringing all the work to home.

So this was not good. Because you are working 24 hours per day, all the time talking about work. 

But now I'm trying to separate the two things, so when work stops, when I'm home, don't think about work. But I get home really late. It's small time to be out of business.

-But you manage it alright or are you just trying to?

I'm trying to organize this in myself because I'm a person, I'm always thinking, “Oh, okay, what I have to do tomorrow, I have to do this, I have to do this,”.

So, it's very difficult but we need some space for us, to close everything and relax a little bit. But I tell you, it's not easy. It's not easy to separate the two things.

-Do you consider yourself as a happy person?

Yeah. I'm really happy now. I think most of my dreams come true, and I work hard for it, it was not easy, but I think can be even better.                                                        

You're always growing, everything can change, you can not imagine, like, every day is a surprise for me and I'm waiting the surprise.

It's always evolution and changes so yeah, I'm happy. I'm lucky. I'm really lucky. I'm doing what I really love and I think everybody would like to do the same. 

I mean, to find the right thing, the right job, and do it.

-What are your plans for the next year?

Oh. I think I will increase with my trainings, in Italy and out of the country. And I'm planning to open a new shop for the next year. We will see. 

We are growing so it's just the first year and I hope we can grow more and more.

-And how do you imagine yourself in five years from now?

Like this? I'd love it to be like this! I like the way we do it. I think it would be the same, maybe just with a big shop. But no, not very different. 

I love my life, I love my job, so I like the way it is now. 

I meet a lot of people, a lot of lovely people all around the world, doing what I love to do so, it's okay.

-Thank you, Francesca, for an interview. You're truly a remarkable woman, and what would you wish for Lashlandia friends?

I wish you all the best. You're very famous but now that I meet you in person, you are really lovely. And I wish you all the success in the world and to be happy, because this is the most important thing.

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