Flawless Lashes get their Instagram account back, Loreta says someone close to lash industry is responsible for the hack

Posted on Mar 29, 2019

A person interested in lash business stands behind Loreta Jasilionyte’s hacked business Instagram page, the lash star told Lashlandia as access to her account was restored last week. 

Flawless Lashes by Loreta brand and academy finally regained control over its Instagram account which was taken over by an unknown hacker, the company reported on March, 22. In an emotional post, they confessed they spent “a month of stress and tears” in attempts to get back the business page followed by almost 89 thousand users. 


Lashlandia reached out Loreta Jasilionyte to congratulate her with joyful event but also to find out details of the tangled story. 

Loreta, could you please remind what actually happened?

I was checking the messages on Instagram, as usual - yes, I like to talk to people in person - and then an error message appeared. Since then I couldn’t login to the page. Someone changed the password and then the account name was changed to “Instagrammer” before presumably being disabled or worse, deleted. 

How did you feel about it? 

It was awful. The account had more that 88 thousand followers and was crucial to our business. It was an absolute loss. 

But still we had to carry on… Honestly, it was hard to keep up with the routine, to keep motivating people while inside I felt like the whole business was falling apart. 

It took me a while to sort things out and figure out what can be done and thus immediately.

As you told us before, Instagram was not particularly helpful on the issue. 

Yes it’s true. Instagram has a special form that you can fill in if your account is lost but there are just bots on the receiving end. 

I eventually managed to get in touch with a real person, not a bot but through Facebook.  Amazingly enough I found support not on Instagram but by filling out forms on Facebook ads manager, which as you may know is attached to Instagram. 

Did you ask other people that had similar problems?

Sure, I was googling day and night what other people who also have been hacked said on the issue. 

There are a lot of stories including the ones from famous influencers. But the more I read their cases the more I realized our situation was completely different.

None of the advice they recommended helped! 

Did you find out why your account in particular was hacked?

People on Google were talking basically about four scenarios.The first one is when someone from your team has access to the account and deletes it - accidentally or on purpose. 

Another case is when Instagram itself blocks or deletes your account - it happens if many people report you for spam. 

Also, a random hacker can hijack your account - just to demand money from you. And the last one is when hackers take over the account for their purposes and change the original name.

So there was just one possible explanation left: someone hacked the account to harm the business. Personally, I was devastated upon hearing this. 

I would prefer to have been locked out by some random hacker. 

 Wow, it sounds like conspiracy! Please tell us more.

Well, we could not reveal the identity of the person who stood behind the attack because the IP address was hidden. 

But judging on the  activity on the Instagram we can assume that he or she was interested in lash business. 

That’s shocking! But we want to know how did you manage to restore your page, please shed the light on that, we want to know. 

It was a long process, the whole thing took 3 weeks or even more. And the plot had so many twists, you know. 

Dozens of emails were needed to first explain Facebook and Instagram what happened. Then they had to verify my identity which also took time. 

Then they sent me lots of reset links, none of which however worked. We cleared cache, pasted the link directly into the browser instead of just clicking on it - all in vain. 

At some point they told me the account was deleted and there’s no way to restore it but I kept emailing. 

I was sending like 10 letters per day, it’s crazy, I am really a very annoying person. But it helped. 

One day a person from our PR was posting a story on our second account and noticed that the hacked one was active. 

She phoned me, and then I forwarded her one of the reset emails which I couldn’t open. And she managed to login. We couldn't believe it! 

Congratulations with the happy end! Since you are so experienced now in these issues what would you advice your fellow lash artists? How to protect the Instagram pages? 

Well, in fact we really were secure enough. But someone really wanted us down badly. So what can I say? Security and once again security. It’s key. 

Use the longest possible and difficult passwords containing letters, numbers and symbols. Never attach a publicly known business email to your account. 

It’s vulnerable as Instagram sends private information to it. 

Deploy a two-step verification system which requires sending a security code to a phone number after entering login and password. 

Never use Instagram without an antivirus software installed. And share your login details only to people you really trust. 

Flawless Lashes by Loreta announced that they lost control over its Instagram account on February, 24. 

The hack turned out to be a major upset for the company that successfully uses social media for selling its products online. 

The lash brand was forced to create an alternative page admitting that the initial one was “essential” to its business and served as «a support system and a community for lash trainers and lovers all over the world.»

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