Eyelash Extensions During Pregnancy

Posted on Nov 29, 2017

How great it is to see a woman in all her beauty! A client is grateful to you for the perfectly 

done lashes. You are proud of the job you have done. 

But sometimes things get complicated. Your client is pregnant. Would you agree to perform a procedure?

If you give a positive answer, you will be right. If you answer in the negative, you will again be right. The reason is that every client is particular in his own way. 

Special care should be exercised when you deal with a woman preparing to become a mother, because well-being affects the health of her as-yet-unborn baby. 

We have gathered a few tips to perform lash extensions to women in an interesting condition.

Tip 1. Provide Consultation

Of course you can’t refuse to render a service to a returning customer. She has already come to you a few times. Perfect lashes have become a emphatic component of her appearance. 

But she is tormented by doubts: would this procedure affect her health?

She is asking for an advice. Play fair! A professional stylist should be guided by the same principle as a doctor - do no harm. 

-      Articulate the fact that the adhesive is not an aggressive substance. Moreover, it is based on cyanoacrylate, developed in 1942 for medical purposes. 

Later, it was used to treat wounds as a first-aid medicine. Such facts will pursuade your client that the procedure is absolutely safe.

-      Tell about the brands of the adhesives you use. Products by world-renowned brands are subject to international certifications which are required on European and US markets.

-      Make the benefits of lash extensions clear. A woman can do without a daily makeup and thus reduce the effect of chemicals contained in the mascara. Perfect look will guarantee good mood which is vital during pregnancy.

Tip 2. Make Risks Clear

Our western colleagues often refuse to provide lash design services to pregnant women. They rather lose profit than get sued. 

You don’t need to take it as an obligatory rule, but mind that caring of customers’ health is part of your reputation.

Be sure to ask the lady about her term. If she is in the early stage, encourage her to seek an advice from her gynecologist. 

The doctor may prohibit lash extensions, if she had miscarriages or if she is suffering strong toxicosis. 

Try to figure out if she suffers nausea or a strong rhinitis. With these symptoms it is best to wait until the 5-6 months term, when a pregnant woman usually feels better. 

If the lady is in the last trimester, warn her that it will be hard for her to lay on the back for almost 2 hours.

Tip 3. Create Maximum Comfort

A pregnant client is absolutely healthy and set her mind to have lashes applied. Make a step forward and do your best to make the procedure as fast and comfortable as possible.

  • First of all, open the window to reduce the odor. Surveys show that only 1% are sensitive to the smell of adhesives. But is better to stay on the safe side, keeping the mother to be away from draughts.

  • Secondly, use an anti-odor spray to suppress toxic volatiles. You may just get a cotton disc soaked in this substance and leave the disc next to the adhesive to protect the lady from allergy.  This spray also neutralizes bacteria making your tools sterilized.

  • Thirdly, watch out for your client’s condition. She may fall asleep, which happens often, and feel dizzy. Have a glass of water and tissues ready to provide first aid.

  • Fourthly use an ergonomic knee cushion so that your client feels comfortable and avoids back pain.

  • Lastly, make breaks each 20-30 minutes. If the lady is in the late pregnancy period, let her lay on the side to prevent vascular stasis.

Pregnancy is one of the greatest periods of life for every woman. And your goal is to help her stay charming and self-confident during this period.

* We invite you to have a look at the cartoon below which shows how could an ergonomic pillow be a great solution for pregnant guests in your salon.

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