About us

Welcome to the unique place – the place of cozy atmosphere and positive communication!

Our team does its best to create a new generation of online border-free communications which extend far beyond the frontiers of cities and countries.

Lashlandia.com is an unparalled online project on the beauty market and in lash industry in particular.

What is Lashlandia?

Lashlandia is a page for lashmakers and other beauty artists where they can watch interviews with prominent beauty artists and enjoy funny stories and cartoons about their work.

What's special about Lashlandia page?

Lashlandia team regularly publishes plenty of awesome content. A particular highlight is a series of video interviews with prominent lash persons who share their success stories. Inspiring and thought provoking!

Each specific place has its intrigue, and in our case that is a professional numerologist - Elanas Liachovicius.

 He uses his talent to reveal secret ingredients of success achieved by lash industry celebrities and help viewers find themselves.Sounds intriguing? Go ahead and try :)

Besides that check out our lash humor cartoons, where we make fun out of typical situations that almost every lash artist comes across. 

Just the thing for a short break!

We at Lashlandia.сom bring thousands of people in lash industry to the single place to make the world a better place. Join the great team of professionals and get your talent exposed Lashlandia.сom!